Innenotdar Fire Forest

Level # 3 – 4
EL 2 – 7
Inhabitated Unknown
Intelligent Inhabitants Unknown
Monsters Unknown
Notes Bardic Knowledge: Forty years ago, Innenotdar was home to an elvish people who wanted to remain neutral in the conflict between Ragesia and Shahalesti. One day refugees began to flee from the forest, claiming it had been put to the torch, though no one could agree on who had been responsible or why. While the refugees settled into a walled ghetto in Gate Pass, they were shocked to learn that the fires that had driven them from their homeland were not dying. For forty years, Innenotdar has burned relentlessly, with no signs that the flames will ever either abate or burn out.

The heroes have chosen to brave this dangerous pass because it is too hazardous for Ragesians to pursue them therein, and because, whereas it would take weeks to travel through the snowed in mountain passes, with the proper magic (potions of stand the heat, of which they possess many), they should be able to cross the fire forest in less than two days, taking the old Elfroad from the Otdar mountains to the northern border of Dassen, beyond the reach of the Ragesian army.

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Innenotdar Fire Forest

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