Famous Myths

“The Wavering Maiden” tells of the Tidereaver Kraken’s seeking to explore the land by making a human body for itself out of seawater. In the form of a beautiful young woman with rolling black hair, the Kraken explored the world. However, because the tide is inconstant, at times this form would ebb, and the Kraken would spend an evening in a lake or river in its true form. The myth is a series of comic events based around numerous suitors who fall in love with the Kraken in its woman form, and who often seek to destroy it in its Kraken form.

“The Trrilling Stone” tells of how the Worldshaper Worm sought to prove its superiority to the Stormchaser Eagle by creating a song more powerful than the Eagle’s thunder. The myth explains the various monsters who live in the depths of the world, saying that they were lured by the Worm’s eerie, whistling song, only to be trapped when the arrogant Worm decided to sing even louder, causing an earthquake. This, it is said, is whey the bodies of the dead are filled with worms when they are found in the ground.

“The Aquiline Heart” is a morality tale about the dangers of both pride and power. Never able to catch the Stormseeker Eagle after many years of chase, the Flamebringer Dragon preyed instead on the Eagle’s pride, saying the Eagle was too weak and cowardly ever to chase the Dragon, not realizing until too late that it had been tricked into flying down a tunnel into the depths of the world, where it did not have enough room to maeunver.

The Dragon bit the Eagle’s throat and began to drink its blood for its power, when the Worldshaper Worm came upon the scene. The Worm was blind, but the Dragon knew that it could feel the beating hears of both the Dragon and the Eagle. To avoid its treachery being discovered, the Dragon tore out the Eagle’s still-beating heart and hid it some place where it would never be tempted to try to get it again. This explains how dragons became the strongest creatures in the world, and teaches that those with too much power risk being turned upon by those around them.

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