Elf Road

Route Start (City) Gate Pass
Route End (City) Northern Foothills of Dassen
Mapped YES
Towns/Villages Along Route None – Some outlying farms, considered frontier
Common Goods/Caravans Encountered None
Patrolled/Safe? Varies – A perimeter of about 10 miles is patrolled outside Gate Pass’ walls
Geographic/Special Features of/Near Route Otdar Mountains, Innenotdar Fire Forest
Route Used During Since the phenomenon of the fire forest the Elf Road is all but abandoned as a trade route
Tolls (Costs and Locations) None
Average Time (In Days) to Complete Route Gate Pass to Northern Border of Innenotdar Fire Forest (30 miles of Mountain Road)
WALK (2.5)
RIDE (1.3)
Innentodar Fire Forest (17 miles of Hilly Road)
WALK (1.0)
RIDE (.5)
South of Innenotdar to Northern Foothills of Dassen (50 miles of Hilly Road)
WALK (3.6)
RIDE (2.7)
WALK (7.1)
RIDE (4.5)
Countries Traveled Through None – the elf road is located in the mountains south of the Free City of Gate Pass. Currently no country has staked a claim on the area

Wilderness Encounters

Encounter Chance

As a party travels across wilderness areas there is a chance per hour of travel that they may run into a wilderness encounter. The first percentage in each entry on the following table is the chance of an encounter for a single hour of travel in that type of terrain; the second percentage (in parentheses) is the chance of a single encounter in 8 hours of travel in that terrain.

Table 1
Terrain Normal Travel Open Camping or Cautious Travel Camping in Secret or Hiding
Frontier 10% (57%) 5% (33%) 2% (15%)
Table 2
d% Encounter Avg. CR
01-39 Unusual weather/terrain (roll on Table 3) -
40-49 1d6 eagles 2
50-59 2d6 orcs 3
60-69 2d6 tengus 4
70-79 2d6 hobgoblins 4
80-84 1d4 giant eagles 5
85-89 1d6 ogres 6
90-94 1 white dragon 6
95 1 bulette 7
98 1 chimera 7
99 1d6 griffons 7
100 2d4 bugbears 7
Table 3 – Unusual Weather/Terrain
d% Event
01-15 Heatwave: Raise temps by + 10 degrees F.
16-30 Fog bank
31-32 Cliffs
33-47 Cold snap: Lower temps by – 10 degrees F.
48-62 Caves
63-72 Windstorm
75-83 Avalanche
84-98 Snow/Thunderstorm
99-100 Blizzard

Cold Dangers

Cold and exposure deal nonlethal damage to the victim. A character cannot recover from the damage dealt by a cold environment until she gets out of the cold and warms up again. Once a character has taken an amount of nonlethal damage equal to her total hit points, any further damage from a cold environment is lethal damage.

An unprotected character in cold weather (below 40° F) must make a Fortitude save each hour (DC 15, +1 per previous check) or take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. A character who has the Survival skill may receive a bonus on this saving throw and might be able to apply this bonus to other characters as well (see the skill description).

In conditions of severe cold or exposure (below 0° F), an unprotected character must make a Fortitude save once every 10 minutes (DC 15, +1 per previous check), taking 1d6 points of nonlethal damage on each failed save. A character who has the Survival skill may receive a bonus on this saving throw and might be able to apply this bonus to other characters as well. Characters wearing a cold weather outfit only need check once per hour for cold and exposure damage.

A character who takes any nonlethal damage from cold or exposure is beset by frostbite or hypothermia (treat her as fatigued). These penalties end when the character recovers the nonlethal damage she took from the cold and exposure.

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Elf Road

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