strokesRPG: The War of the Burning Sky

IFFI: 1 - 5 Infernal Harrier
After refusing the bearded devil, Kazyk's, offer, he summons his minions and attacks.

Top of round 4. The celestial eagles are next up in Initiative. Grimsley is on deck.

d20Pro Session 9

PbP Date: 5/23/2011
d20Pro Session Date: 6/5/2011
Adventure Date: 6th day of Frostmere (1st month)
Players in Attendance: Ampherion, Crrazyhawk, Desertgypsy, Digi, XCodes

Summary of Events

1-3 Dangerous Crossing

After luring the Indomitable Bat Swarms out from under the bridge, the adventuring party successfully crosses the precarious crossing with all their gear intact.

1-4 Fiery Howl

A mysterious Hell Hound delivers a human thigh bone with Kazyk’s offer. Written in common on the femur is a simple message that reads: “Leave the case. Cooperate, and we might find an arrangement to spare your lives. Carry this with you if you wish to bargain.”

The hell hound retreats into the forest and the party decides to carry the femur.

1-5 Infernal Harrier

Carrying the femur, Kazyk, the bearded devil approaches the party and offers an alliance after explaining that he is also a Ragesian dog, and that he has no respect for them. He was summoned by the Ragesians to retrieve the infernal plans the party carries and was told to keep the party from leaving the Innenotadar Fire Forest Alive.

Kazyk has another solution – to destroy the fire forest. If there is no longer a fire forest, Kazyk will technically have prevented them from leaving it, or so his logic. Also, he explains that his superiors will not mind him opening up a new roadway which they can use to conquer Dassen to the south.

Kazyk explains that to destroy the fire forest the party will need to free the forest’s entity, Indomitability, which means killing the fey, Seela, who are binding it. He explains that the Seela are a twisted evil race, who don’t deserve to live anyway.

After the party refuses to cooperate, Kazyk summons 6 lemures and attacks.

Memorable Events

Coster takes some wicked hits from Kazyk, and has to retreat for healing.

NPCs Encountered

Kazyk, Bearded Devil

Locations Visited

Five miles on the Elf Road within the Innenotdar Fire Forest

Creatures Encountered

Indomitable Fire Bat Swarm
Hell Hound
Devil, Lemure

Treasures Discovered



PC XP Earned Hero Points Earned Level Up?
Coster 457 0 No
Finn 457 0 No
Grimsley 457 0 No
Jankain 457 0 No
Sendal 457 0 No
Torrent 457 0 No


  • J no showed once again. I tried to contact him via PM and there was no response. I’ve decided that after the current battle J’s PC, Havak, will leave the party.
IFFI: 1 - 3 Dangerous Crossing
The heroes move deeper into the forest and come across a deep gorge, crossed by what was once a sturdy stone arched bridge.

The heroes wonder what the mephit meant by “not angering the forest” and move on down the Elf Road. Right before leaving, the heroes notice a small explosion within the fire of the wood: flames burst like a fiery flower blossom, alerting the heroes that something was nearby.

Although the road is clear of fire, the smoke and the ash that the heroes constantly breath begins to take its toll. Everyone’s eyes and throat become noticeably irritated, Haddin’s cough has worsened, and Torrent drinks often from her skin. Visibility is reduced to 100 ft., and the occasional smoke cloud envelops the party, causing the party members to choke for clean air and reduces visibility to an arm’s length. With the erratic winds of the valley, the smoke cloud dissipates as quickly as it was formed.

As the party moves deeper into the forest, the hope of seeing the river around the next bend in the road begins to weigh heavy in everyone’s mind. Perhaps the river’s water is untainted and might offer some relief from the horrible conditions of the forest. Haddin begins to plead with anyone willing to listen to let him ride a mule. Between his hacking coughs, he complains often of his painful bunions. Torrent begins to talk about her faith, and it quickly becomes evident that she believes these trials of the forest have been sent forth from Gozreh to test her.

After a mile of travel, The heroes come upon a deep gorge, crossed by what was once a sturdy stone arch bridge, 20 ft. wide, and 50 ft. long, with 3-foot-high stone railings on either side. The railing on the right side has a 10-foot-wide section knocked out in the middle of the bridge, and the stone around it is cracked. As the party peers to the bottom of the gorge, they see a wrecked wagon at its bottom, and it looks as if it met its end over the side of this treacherous bridge.

d20Pro Session 8
The heroes hang Inquisitor Boreus for his crimes and begin their journey through the Fire Forest of Innenotdar.

PbP Date: 5/3/2011
d20Pro Session Date: 5/21/2011
Adventure Date: 5th day of Frostmere (1st month)
Players in Attendance: Ampherion, Crrazyhawk, Desertgypsy, Digi

Summary of Events

SoGP: 5 – The Inquisitor

After the last Ragesian Soldier falls, Inquisitor Boreus pleads for mercy. Boreus tells the heroes that Inquisitor Kreven is his master and hints at the Ragesian Army being large enough to invade Shahalesti. The heroes hang Boreus for his crimes, rest another day, and then enter the Fire Forest of Innenotdar the next morning.

The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar (IFFI): Act 1 – The Elf Road
Scene 1 – Ending Suffering

A 1/4 mile down the Elf Road, the party comes across a trio of refugees who had inadequate resources and quickly perished. After a search of the badly burned and smoldering bodies they heroes discover one who isn’t quite dead. Durval pleads for someone to kill him, and Finn tries to give him hope. The party heals the man and gives him a potion of Stand the Heat so he will be able travel with the group unharmed by the heat of the forest.

Scene 2 – An Unnatural Hunt

Two miles into the forest, the heroes hear some chittering and swooping in the branches overhead. Suddenly, something falls from them, careening straight at Coster. The mephit is screaming in fear and terror as its aggressors, two Indomitable Fire Dire Bats, descend from the branches. The mephit scrabbles, claws, and generally attempts to use coster as a shield, and the fiery bats proceed to try to catch the creature. With the party distracted, Durval runs into the flaming forest, taking his own life. The bats fight to the death, and then return one more time because of some sort of rekindle ability. The mephit thanks its saviors and doesn’t hang around long. Before it goes though it warns the heroes against angering the forest and against other burning animals.

Memorable Events

Amp seems to have broken his horrible luck with the dice.

NPCs Encountered


Locations Visited

The first two miles of the Elf Road within the Innenotdar Fire Forest

Creatures Encountered

Mephit, Fire
Indomitable Fire Dire Bat

Treasures Discovered

Inquisitor’s Mask (2600 gp)
hand claw (5 gp)
brooch of shielding (99 charges) (1500 gp)
Scroll: cure light wounds x3 (25 gp ea.) – Torrent
Wand: hold portal (10 charges) (150 gp)
mwk silver greataxe (500 gp) – Havak
plat. chain (jewelry) (140 gp)
mwk small heavy crossbow x2 (350 ea)
+1 human-bane bolt (166 gp)
potion of invisibility (750 gp) – Coster
mwk battleaxe x2 (310 gp)
potion of cure light wounds x5 (50 gp ea)
149 gp


PC XP Earned Hero Points Earned Level Up?
Coster 999 1 No
Finn 999 1 No
Grimsley 999 1 No
Havak 999 1 No
Jankain 999 1 No
Sendal 0 0 No
Torrent 999 0 No


  • Started Adventure 2, The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar (IFFI), of the WotBS Camp Saga.
  • Codes was a no-show for the game. His PC, Sendal is tailing the party through the fire forest. The party is aware that Sendal is following them.
  • The Hero Point was awarded for completing Adventure 1, SoGP.
SoGP: 5 -The Inquisitor

Top of Round 6 – Havak is up. Boreus is on deck.

(Who was NPCing Havak? Do you want to continue to do so through this encounter?)

SoGP: 4-Interlude The Black Horse Camp
After defeating the Black Horse Bounty Hunters, the party takes refuge in their camp.

The bounty hunter’s camp lies in a grotto with several small tunnels carved into the walls, sealed off with locked iron gates. The party recognizes these tunnels as where people place unopened clay jars after the new year’s Festival of Dreams.

As for the camp itself, there are eight light horses and a half-dozen tents with cold cook fires near them. Torrent immediately gets busy with camp chores, finding an axe and beginning to cut wood for the fires. Grimsley finds the mess tent, and sees freshly cleaned coneys hung, ready for the pot, and all the makings for a stew. Havak slips away from the group, muttering something about not liking unexplored caves in the area.

d20Pro Session 6

PbP Date: 3/24/2011
d20Pro Session Date: 4/23/2011
Adventure Date: 3rd day of Frostmere
Players in Attendance: Digi, ampherion, desertgypsy

Summary of Events

Act 3, Scene 1 – Bad News

At sunset of the 3rd day, the Inquisitors delivered a message to the soldiers at the Western Gate – Allow the Inquisitors into the city or the attacks will be renewed. The council of Gate Pass are given one day to consider the demand and the council makes it very clear that, until they come to a decision, no one is to leave the city.

Meanwhile, back at Resistance HQ, Buron, Torrent, Rivereye, and the adventuring party discuss plans on how Torrent and the party will escape Gate Pass to begin their journey to Lyceum. Options discussed include the sarcastic enchanter, Diogenes, met at Gabal’s School, and Councilman Menash, who is known for his previous aid given to adventurers and those who oppose the Ragesians. After little debate, it is decided that the party will see Councilman Menash in the morning after a night of rest.

Act 3, Scene 2 – To See Councilman Menash

On the morning of the 4th day, the party packs and heads out to seek council with Menash. Upon arriving at Menash’s manor, the party is told that the councilman is out on business and will return shortly. After a long wait, Menash returns, complaining about the city council’s decision to allow the Inquisitors in. After explaining their situation, Menash agrees to assist the party and arranges for the them to accompany a Gate Pass Patrol Unit on a routine patrol outside the city.

Act 3, Scene 4 – Street Ambush

The party departs for Captain Herreman’s Barracks, with fake orders from Councilman Menash in hand. Shortly after leaving the councilman’s manor, the party notices that they are being shadowed by what appears to be Gate Pass City Guards. The party confronts the guards and notice that their uniforms are shabby and worn, not the typical trappings of the city. The guards request that they surrender their weapons and come with them. Of course the party refuses, and the guards retreat.

A moment later, the local hero Rantle approaches the party, and asks them of a favor. Having heard that they are planning on escaping the city and are headed for Lyceum, he asks the party to deliver a scroll tube to his sister. Rantle describes his sister as a competent sorceress named of Katrina, and who fits the description of a stereotypical fire mage. The party agrees to deliver the tube if they happen to meet her.

Act 3, Scene 4 – Captain Herreman’s Barracks

The party arrives at the barracks and meets with Captain Herreman. After reading the orders from Councilman Menash, Herreman agrees to having the party accompany his patrol. The party are given arms and armor typical of a Gate Pass Militia member, and a light riding horse. The patrol leaves at sunset, and the party is able to escape Gate Pass. A few miles outside the city’s gates the party and the patrol part ways, with the party keeping the arms, armor, and equipment.

Act 4, Scene 1 – The Gauntlet

Wanting to take advantage of the last remaining daylight, Torrent pushes the party on. Along the way, she tells the party of what she knows of the Fire Forest. A few miles down the road, the party is ambushed by Renard, the leader of the Black Horse Bounty Hunters, Kathor Danava, and their minions. Battle ensues, Kathor is charmed by Jankain, and Renard escapes.

Before departing, Kathor recommends the now deserted Black Horse camp as a safe place to hunker down for the night. The party arrives at the camp, which sets below many cave entrances with a grotto. The camp consists of several tents, and a cold cooking fire. Grimsley begins preparing the nights meal Jankain tells of what she knows of the Fire Forest.

Forty years ago, Innenotdar was home to an elvish people who wanted to remain neutral in the conflict between Ragesia and Shahalesti. One day refugees began to flee from the forest, claiming it had been put to the torch, though no one could agree on who had been responsible or why. While the refugees settled into a walled ghetto in Gate Pass, they were shocked to learn that the fires that had driven them from their homeland were not dying. For forty years, Innenotdar has burned relentlessly, with no signs that the flames will ever either abate or burn out.

Memorable Events

Act 3, Scene 4 – Street Ambush

Grimsley insults one of the guards so badly that it provokes him into drawing steel. Another guard immediately stops him from doing the party harm, and the guards retreat into an alley.

Act 4, Scene 1 – The Gauntlet

After jumping off her uncontrollable horse and finding herself a distance away from the protection of her allies, Jankain is charged by Kathor who inflicts a massive wound to the bard. With death seemingly near for Jankain, the bard charms Kathor, making him friendly.

NPCs Encountered

Councilman Menash
Captain Herreman
Renard Woodsman
Kathor Danava
Bounty Hunter Scouts
Bounty Hunter Thugs
Bounty Hunter Horsemen

Locations Visited

Councilman Menash’s Manor
Captain Herreman’s Barracks
The Wilderness Outside Gate Pass’ Gates

Creatures Encountered


Treasures Discovered

Longbow, Comp. (Str + 1) x2 (200 gp ea.)
96 gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x5 (50 gp ea.)
Chest with 1000 gp
A pouch containing 200 gp in rubies
Notarized sheets x4 proclaiming they can be redeemed at any Ragesian fort for 100 gp ea.: rewards for the capture of spellcasters.
Everburning torch (110 gp)


PC XP Earned Hero Points Earned Level Up?
Coster 747 0 Yes
Finn 747 0 Yes
Grimsley 747 0 Yes
Havak 747 0 Yes
Jankain 747 0 Yes
Torrent 747 0 Yes
SoGP: 4-1 The Gauntlet
The party leaves Gate Pass unmolested and begin thier journey to Seaquen, home of the Lyceum Academy

Sunset has arrived and the fake patrol makes its way to one of Gate Pass’ southern gates. As the party rides through one of the more upscale neighborhoods of Gate Pass they notice that even the privileged and their seemingly endless supply of coin could not escape the destructive force of the Ragesian bombs. Large manses lie in partial ruin and fires burn unchecked.

As the party closes on the exit gates, the city’s walls, which are actually the natural cliffs of the pass, begin to loom overhead. Averaging some 40 feet tall, only a few men stand watch. The horses shod hooves clink on the cobble of the road as it begins to climb the hill to the exit gate. The view has changed, looking down upon the city many plumes of black smoke can be seen rising from all districts of the city. The plumes form together high in the setting sky, coming together to form one large oily black cloud like omniscient thunderheads, threatening to downpour.

With the exit gate now in view you see that it is a large set of reinforced wooden doors each 20 feet high and 8 feet wide, set into a large gatehouse. There are about forty soldiers mulling about the area, and when you approach, an officer from group comes out from the gatehouse to speak with the lieutenant, who leads your patrol. The lieutenant hands over Menash’s phony orders and moments later the patrol is through the gates.

The patrol now beholds an epic view. The road follows down the ridge of a hill, and a large expanse of valleys and alluvial fans, framed on either side by mountains, lie in the foreground. A few miles down the road, a fork leaves the party and the patrol splitting directions.

SoGP: 3-4 Captain's Herreman's Barracks
After meeting the local folk hero Rantle, the adventuring party continues to Captain Herreman's Barracks looking for an escape route out of the city.

The party continues unmolested to Herreman’s barracks which are less than a mile away from Councilman Menash’s home. Consisting of several three-story buildings with attached stables,the barracks look like they could house over a hundred soldiers.

SoGP: 3-3 Street Ambush
On the way to Captain Herreman's barracks, the party is shadowed..

With Councilman Menash’s orders in hand, the heroes make their way to Captain Herreman’s barracks. Word of the city council giving in to the Ragesian’s demands has spread and goodfolk scurry about the streets gathering what supplies they can. Windows to closed shops are shattered as looters run a muck in local markets. The war torn streets of Gate Pass are a chaotic scene, causing anyone with honest business to move with purpose, limiting their exposure to the violence.


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