strokesRPG: The War of the Burning Sky

SoGP: 2-1 Retrieving the Case
The party succesfully navigates a city under attack and finally arrives at the Depository Tower.

You see the dark needle of the Depository Tower long before the guarded gate appears along the roadway. Now as you come to the massive iron gates, four well-armed guards, three half-orcs and a dwarf snap to greater attention and prepare for a challenge. In a respectful voice, the dwarf asks for the required owner’s key, which Torrent produces. He and the other guards visibly relax.

“The riots have us all on edge, please forgive our harsh diligence,” the dwarven guard says as he tests the key on a special lock plate. He hands it back mechanically when the latch opens. Placing his lips against the opening, he whispers something and the large cogs and gears on the sides of the gates rumble and turn. In a moment, the way is open and one of the orc guards clumsily gestures a welcome for all to enter.

As you pass in, the chaos of the city disappears. Untouched by Ragesian bombs, a beautifully tended garden winds its way past splendid fountains. The left basin recalls elemental spirits of local legend — a dragon, a worm, a kraken, and an eagle — while a statue of Emperor Coaltongue, posing with torch held high, dominates the basin on the right. The torch glows as if lit by a continual flame.

“There’re guards inside,” the dwarf politely says, with a gruff and graveled voice; his smile looks like a grimace. “So be careful and don’t accidentally open the wrong locker. There are lanterns here for light.” With a chuckle, he adds, “You’ll regret them if you meets up with the ugly gnome in there now.”

d20Pro Session 1

Session Date: October 23, 2010.
Adventure Date: 1st day of the 1st month.
Base Location: Free City of Gate Pass.
Adventure Module: SoGP

Pregame Notes

  • PbP was started on Oct 16.
    • Act 1, Scene 1 – “The Secret Meeting” – completed.
    • Act 1, Scene 2 – “The Ambush” – in progress.
  • J showed up early but had to bail due to unexpected circumstances.
    • GM NPCed Havak

Closing Location Details

Nation: Free City of Gate Pass.
Town/Area: Gate Pass/Same district as the Depository Tower, near the east gate.
Building/Level: Cloud Theater.
Module Location Number: Act 1, Scene 3, “Animal Crossing”.
Time: 01:15, Day 1.
Weather Condition: Cold with snow on the ground.
Other Information: None identified.

Character Situation/Location

Havak Dividing loot found in storm drain.
Finn Same as above.
Grimsley Same as above.
Coster Same as above.
Jankain Same as above.
Torrent Same as above.

Last Major Events

  • Act 1, Scene 1, “The Mission”.
    • Torrent tasks the party with the mission of retrieving a case of vital military intelligence and taking it to the mage’s school in Lyceum. Lyceum has sent word that they will stand against the invading Ragesians and that any who wish to help should come to them.
      • Rivereye Badgerface, a gnome spy, awaits his contact Peppin Tallman at the Depository Tower.
    • Once the case is obtained, the party needs to find a way out of the city.
      • The gates are locked up tight. Only military personnel are allowed in or out.
      • An extensive network of ancient sewers and catacombs exist under gate pass and may provide access outside the city’s gates.
      • The mages at Gabal’s school may be able to assist the party escaping the city with magic.
      • City councilman Erdan Menash is rumored to favor those opposed against the Ragesians.
    • Once out of the city, Torrent has a clearer plan…
      • she has in mind a route that avoids impassable roads and well-patrolled paths: The little-traveled Elf Road south from the city to the border of the Innenotdar Fire Forest, thirty miles away.
  • Act 1, Scene 2, “The Ambush”.
    • The Black Horse Bounty Hunters ambush the party and the Ragesians attack the city.
    • Party defeats the Black Horse Bounty Hunters.
    • Interrogation of the remaining bounty hunter thug and successful knowledge checks reveal…
      • Kathor Danava is the lead within the city tasked with collecting Inquisitor’s bounty on spellcasters.
      • Kathor’s father, General Danava, is leading the invading Ragesian Army attacking Gate Pass.
      • Most citizens support the bounty hunters.
    • Question: Why did Kathor choose not to fight when his participation could have swung the fight into the bounty hunter’s favor?

Last Minor Events

  • Act 1, Scene 3, “City Under Attack”.
    • The party travels east to the Depository Tower aiding the good folk of the city when they can.
      • Pandemonium exists in the streets panicking the good city folk as Ragesian Bombs drop from wyvern riders. Sounds of war can be heard from the cities west entrance gate. Troops move west to assist in the fighting while good folk move east tying to escape, creating a bottle neck. Warning bells echo up and down the pass.
    • “Aiding the Wounded” – The party comes across a man named Rensar with his dying wife in his hands, both burnt badly. Three scared children follow behind.
      • Torrent heals the family of their wounds.
      • Jankain sings a song to the children to help them overcome their fear.
      • The party gives Rensar directions to the nearest safehouse.
    • “Burning Building” – The party comes across a burning four story building and see that a woman is trapped on the fourth floor.
      • Finn crosses the skybridge and dangles a rope down to the woman just out of her reach.
      • Coster throws a rope to the windowsill and climbs up to the woman.
      • Attaching the woman to his back and then using Finn’s rope as a belay, Coster begins his climb down.
      • Coster slips and falls the distance of the four story building and his caught by Finn’s belay just before hitting the ground.
    • “Terror in the Skies” – The party arrives at the east district gate and witness a throng of people trying to push through a small portcullis.
      • A wave of fear passes over the crowd and the party as a large crimson, bat like shadow passes overhead in the night sky.
      • The sight of the dragon sends the crowd along with the party into a panic. Guards atop the wall leap to their death and the crowd rolls away from the apparent danger, mauling everything in their path.
    • “Animal Crossing” – The party encounters a wealthy merchant named Corian, calling for his lost pet “Kiki”
      • The party lends aid and finds out that Kiki is a dire weasel.
      • Havak tracks Kiki down an alley and into the cloud theater.
      • The party searches the theater and finds a scared Kiki hiding in a balcony. As the weasel tries to escape to safety, Finn casts speak with animals and tries to calm it.
      • Kiki makes for his exit as it is quickly blocked off. Havak smacks the overly large varmint with the flat of his axe, knocking it unconscious.
      • The party returns Kiki to Corian only to find out he is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
      • As the party sets off for the tower, Jankain spots an old chest in a storm drain, uncovered from a nearby exploded bomb.

Other Information

  • XP Gained – 595 xp ea.
  • Loot
    • MW Thieves’ Tools (100 gp) – Coster
    • 3 flasks of Acid (10 gp ea.)
    • 4 thunderstones (30 gp ea.)
    • 220 gp
    • Wand of Magic Missles w/ 32 charges (480 gp) – Grimsley
    • 12 Potions of Cure Light Wounds (50 gp ea.) – 2 ea.
    • Sm. Suit of MW Agile Half Plate (1000 gp) – Finn
    • MW Rapier (320 gp) – Jankain
    • 200 cp (2 gp)
    • 148 gp
    • 15 pp
SoGP: 1-2 The Ambush
As the planning winds down with the secret meeting, the bounty hunters spring their ambush!

Distant muted thumps fill the air, like the sound of ripe fruit landing on the roof of a house.

(How about everyone rolling initiative)

(DM edit – updated the screenshot to show entire battle map)

SoGP: 1-1 The Secret Meeting
War is coming, what happens next?

You have been told to meet Torrent at the Poison Apple Pub a little before midnight on New Year’s Eve, and have been told to use the side alley door. You know the pub is in a poorer district of town about a mile from the western city wall. As you walk through slush covered cobblestone streets and dark, snow filled alleyways, you fine yourself surprised that you travel unmolested. The people of Gate Pass must know that an army is on its way. Normal festivities are muted, and the evening is dark and claustrophobic. The multistory buildings of the city loom in the night, no lights in most windows.


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