Inquisitor's Mask

Aura faint abjuration CL 3
Slot eyes Price 2,600 gp Weight 2 lb.


Inquisitor's believe that their masks protect their souls from hostile magic. Male inquisitors favor masks carved to resemble (or actually made from) bear skulls, while female inquisitors prefer ones that look more like heavily-decorated masquerade masks. An inquisitor's mask takes up the eyewear item slot.

A creature wearing an inquisitor's mask can choose as a free action to have the mask alter his voice to be more menacing and feral, granting a + 2 enhancement bonus to Intimidate checks. Additionally, for 3 rounds per day the mask makes its wearer immune to possession, and to attempts to exercise mental control, as with protection from good. This effect functions immediately when needed, and ends when it is no longer needed (or the 3 rounds expire). The rounds can be spread across the day.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, cause fear, protection from good Cost gp

Inquisitor's Mask

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