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Welcome to the Adventure Log!

The PbP Section for the Game

This is where the PBP section of the game will occur!

I will post a description of the scene and tell me what your character is doing by making a comment to the post. For any dice rolls please use the OP dice roller located at the top of this page next to the search bar.

One tip, don’t try to do to much when you comment. Think of it as a combat turn, describing at most, a few actions. Wait for me to describe the results of your actions and for the other players to describe their actions. For an example of how this looks please check out our last camp at PBP Example

When making comments, please place all OOC comments within parenthesis and IC comments within “quotes”.


The last scene of Act 2 finished up in the morning so the heroes will have the whole day to prepare for leaving Gate Pass. I suggest you do your shopping and prepare for a several day journey into the wilderness. The weather is cold, and seems to be getting increasingly colder. The cold weather may play a factor in travel.

If things go as planned, its three days to the Fire Forest, 2 days to move though the forest, and at least another three days before you see any form of settlement. The Fire Forest is a whole module in itself, and the PCs won’t reach Lyceum until Module three. Just something to think about.

I’m also going to need a definite split of treasure parcels before I introduce Act 3. To be honest I’ve kinda lost track of who is carrying what, so I’m going to need your help with this. Make sure to include Torrent in the split (she’s fine with gold). She’s part of the party whether you think she is a traitor or not :P Also note that once I receive a positive split on the loot, I can start working on balancing future treasure parcels.

Use the comments here to work out the details.

Welcome to the Adventure Log!
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