strokesRPG: The War of the Burning Sky

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

After traveling 7 miles down the Elfroad, the heroes spot what looks like a stone bridge around a bend in the road a hundred feet ahead, and some sort of stone structure built atop it.

You make out a loud cracking sound, and several of the trees a hundred feet down the road flare as explosions tear open their trunks at the base. A moment later, a cluster of trees on either side of the road careen inward to fall across the Elfroad, blocking the path ahead.

Crystin’s eyes glaze over, gaining that far away look which you witnessed when you first met her. A moment later she comes back shouting for Digi to move away from the section of road where he is currently standing.

The curtains of flame that lick meekly at the trees at the road’s edge suddenly flare, cinders bursting outward across you all. Behind you, you hear a sudden roaring noise, and looking back you see the road fifty feet away cut off by a furious wall of fire. The sides of the Elfroad are quickly becoming hazardous as live flames reach out at you, and overhead the ash and cinders begin to swirl, the center of which appears to be over Digi’s head.


I need to know what each of you are doing (You basically get one action). Is Digi going to stay in the square he is in or is he going to heed Crystin’s warning and move?

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Digi moves in the direction indicated by Crystin. If possible, at the same time, he will check the phenomena against his knowledge of the planes for a possible explanation.

Knowledge Planes(1d20 + 10): 18 + 10 = 28

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Sendel looks to get outside of fireball radius of Grimsley’s position, likewise trying to figure out what the cause of the sudden onslaught of fire is.

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Knowing that she has no skills to battle the flames, Jankain turns to Haddin and pleads, “Please, now is the time for you to help us with your magic and lead us all to safety.” (can she use diplomacy or charm person spell to get Haddin to cooperate?)

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(How far ahead is the road blocked? About how much damage would we take trying to cross the trees? Would it be possible to jump them? How high is the wall of flame behind us?)

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(Digi’s knowledge of the planes is no help in trying to determine what is going on.)

The smoke and ciders which were once swirling over Digi’s head, coalesces into a searing spear, and with a thundercrack, the spear drives into the ground amid you all and explodes. Within the smoke, further toward the fallen tress, appears 5 miniature stags whose bodies burn like the inferno, with racks of antlers composed entirely of dancing fire. They paw at the ground, swing their fiery antlers, and prepare to charge, while the wall of fire at your back slowly moves toward you.

Haddin just looks to Jankain blankly while still clutching the large spell book to his chest. Amid all the chaos he calmly says, “Sorry my dear, but I’m afraid that I’ve no skills to help you.”

(There’s about 100 ft. between you and the fallen trees, which are on fire and form a barricade 20 ft. deep. Crossing them will require a climb check and will cost 20 ft. of movement for every 5 ft. of travel. Each round a character remains in contact with the trees he takes 1d6 fire damage and must make a reflex save or catch on fire.)

(The Wall of Fire at your back is aprox. 20 ft. high and if you stop within 20 ft. of it, characters can be engulfed.)

(Knowledge Planes checks can give you more info on the fiery stags.)

Lets roll Init and can I have a volunteer to NPC Coster until he gets back.
(Note that Sendal still has about 29 mins left on his mage armor)

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Also note that if your under the effects of Stand the Heat you will be able to get much closer to the Wall of Fire at you back and not suffer and damage.

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(I can RP Coster.)

At Haddin’s comment, Coster quips “Exactly what ARE your talents besides doing nothing?”

(Finn’s Init: 1d20: 1)

(Coster’s Init: 1d20 + 6: 20 + 6 = 26. BTW, is his crossbow already loaded?)

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Init (1d20 + 7): 9 + 7 = 16
Knowledge: Planes (1d20 + 10): 12 + 10 = 22

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Initiative (1d20 + 2): 12 + 2 = 14

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(Coster’s x-bow is not loaded)

Digi’s knowledge of the planes tell him that these fiery stags are merely medium fire elementals in the fiery stag form.
N Medium outsider (elemental, extraplanar, fire)
Senses darkvision 60 ft.
Immune bleeds, flanking, critical hits, fire, paralysis, poison, sleep, and stunning. Does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks such as sneak attack.
Weaknesses vulnerability to cold
Attacks instead of a normal slam attack, these fiery stags have a gore attack that does piercing damage.
Special Attack Burn (does fire damage in addition to damage dealt on a successful hit in melee. Those affected by the burn ability must make a successful Reflex save or catch fire. Creatures that hit a burning creature with natural weapons or unarmed attacks take fire damage as though hit by the the burning creature and must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire.)

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Haddin snaps back at Coster in a threatening tone, “Keep that up and you will find out exactly what my talents are.” He then points to the stags and says, “You had better prepare yourself, those things look like they may bite.”

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Initiative (1d20 + 4): 16 + 4 = 20

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Finn says “Don’t worry Haddin, we’ll protect you and your daughter! To battle!”

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Coster is next up in Initiative. Flamming Stag 5 is on deck.

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

If Coster’s crossbow is equiped, he will load it and fire at the stag directly across from him; the one furthest to the North. (1d20 + 5: 17 + 5 = 22, dmg: 1d8: 8).

If it is not handy, he will draw it and load it.

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(Coster’s x-box is equipped and note that he has a + 6 bonus when using it.)

Coster’s aim is true as he send a bolt into the fiery stag’s flaming chest.

Fiery Stag 5 (the one in the rear) snorts and paws at the ground before charging Finn.
Gore Attack (d20 + 7 + 2 (charging)): 10 + 7 + 2 + 19 miss

Sendal is next up in Initiative. Torrent is on deck.

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(( Ack, sorry for the space out. ))

Sendel moves forward and channels more of the unsettling energy that those around him felt earlier. He directs it, however, at the great burning stag that came out in front of the pack, trying to put it into an unnatural slumber.

Move 2 squares SE, 1 square S (20’)
Sleep Hex on Stag 5 (DC 16 Will Save negates)

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Sendal casts his hex and the fiery stag immediately falls prone to the ground in a magical slumber.

Torrent is next up in Initiative. Grimsley is on deck.

Torrent drops the halter rope of the mule she leads and yells at Haddin, "Here, make yourself useful, motioning for him to lead the mule.

She then moves forward, placing herself just NW of Jankain, while she moves she pulls a scroll from her organizer, which she wears around her waist (move 20’).

Casts Bless (to hit + 1; 2 minutes)
As Torrent finishes her prayer to Gozreh, all her allies are washed with a divine light, filling them with a new courage to face the dangers of the current battle.

Grimsley is next up in Initiative. Flaming Stag is on deck.

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(i think it was Sendal’s intent to put one of the creatures that had not yet attacked into the slumber)

Grimsley will cast his final memorized Magic Missile spell at the stag that Coster wounded.

Missile Damage (1d4 + 1): 1 + 1 = 2
Missile Damage (1d4 + 1): 2 + 1 = 3

then as his move action, Grims will draw and load his crossbow. (or merely draw if that is all he can do)

“If you can finish that one off, you should. We do NOT want to give them many chances to set us afire which they may do if they happen to hit one of us.”

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

(just re-read Codes’ post, so ignore that part of my entry)

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire

Grimsley’s magic missiles slam into stag 3 (the one Coster hit earlier), yet it still stands pawing at the ground ready to charge.

(Grim will be only able to draw his x-bow)

Fiery Stag (1) is next up in Initiative. Jankain is on deck.

Fiery Stag (1) lowers its head and charges antlers first straight at Finn.
Gore (d20 + 7 + 2 (charge!)): 2 + 9 = 11 miss

Jankain is next up in Initiative. Crystin is on deck.

IFFI: 1 - 6 Trial by Fire
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