strokesRPG: The War of the Burning Sky

d20Pro Session 9

PbP Date: 5/23/2011
d20Pro Session Date: 6/5/2011
Adventure Date: 6th day of Frostmere (1st month)
Players in Attendance: Ampherion, Crrazyhawk, Desertgypsy, Digi, XCodes

Summary of Events

1-3 Dangerous Crossing

After luring the Indomitable Bat Swarms out from under the bridge, the adventuring party successfully crosses the precarious crossing with all their gear intact.

1-4 Fiery Howl

A mysterious Hell Hound delivers a human thigh bone with Kazyk’s offer. Written in common on the femur is a simple message that reads: “Leave the case. Cooperate, and we might find an arrangement to spare your lives. Carry this with you if you wish to bargain.”

The hell hound retreats into the forest and the party decides to carry the femur.

1-5 Infernal Harrier

Carrying the femur, Kazyk, the bearded devil approaches the party and offers an alliance after explaining that he is also a Ragesian dog, and that he has no respect for them. He was summoned by the Ragesians to retrieve the infernal plans the party carries and was told to keep the party from leaving the Innenotadar Fire Forest Alive.

Kazyk has another solution – to destroy the fire forest. If there is no longer a fire forest, Kazyk will technically have prevented them from leaving it, or so his logic. Also, he explains that his superiors will not mind him opening up a new roadway which they can use to conquer Dassen to the south.

Kazyk explains that to destroy the fire forest the party will need to free the forest’s entity, Indomitability, which means killing the fey, Seela, who are binding it. He explains that the Seela are a twisted evil race, who don’t deserve to live anyway.

After the party refuses to cooperate, Kazyk summons 6 lemures and attacks.

Memorable Events

Coster takes some wicked hits from Kazyk, and has to retreat for healing.

NPCs Encountered

Kazyk, Bearded Devil

Locations Visited

Five miles on the Elf Road within the Innenotdar Fire Forest

Creatures Encountered

Indomitable Fire Bat Swarm
Hell Hound
Devil, Lemure

Treasures Discovered



PC XP Earned Hero Points Earned Level Up?
Coster 457 0 No
Finn 457 0 No
Grimsley 457 0 No
Jankain 457 0 No
Sendal 457 0 No
Torrent 457 0 No


  • J no showed once again. I tried to contact him via PM and there was no response. I’ve decided that after the current battle J’s PC, Havak, will leave the party.


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