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d20Pro Session 12

PbP Date: 8/25/2011
d20Pro Session Date: 8/27/2011
Adventure Date: 7th day of Frostmere (1st month)
Players in Attendance: Ampherion, Crrazyhawk, Desertgypsy, Digi, & X-Codes

Summary of Events

2-9 Trouble with Tiljann (1,066 xp ea)

The heroes meet Tiljann, Bearer of the Song, a young Seela woman, traveling to the ruined elven village. Unknown to Tiljann, she is being tracked by Seela Rebels who wish her harm. The heroes intervene, downing an IF dire wolf, and two of the six rebels. The remaining rebels ask for mercy and the heroes spare thier lives.

Through Tiljann, the heroes learn of the Song of Forms, a song of magic in which the Seela constantly sing to keep the spirit of the forest, Indomitability, bound to the bottom of the lake. If Indomitability was released the fires of forest would subside, killing all of the forest, including the Seela. The Seela villagers are split, many have given up hope and wish to cease the Song of Forms. A few still have hope, believing it is their duty to continue the Song.

Tiljann invites the heroes to her village to rest and meet the village elder, Papuvin.

Act 3: Out of the Fire (Seela Village)

The heroes arrive at the village and meet Papuvin, who in turn offers the party his cave dwelling, a refreshing respite from the sweltering heat of the forest. The heroes tell Papuvin that they wish to help the Seela in finding a way to save the forest. Papuvin politely refuses, saying that it is his people’s duty and destiny to sing the Song of Forms. Its obvious that he doesn’t believe anything can be done to safely quench the fires of the forest.

Memorable Events

Lots of Crits!

NPCs Encountered

Tiljann, Bearer of the Song
Seela Rebels
Papuvin, Song Leader

Locations Visited

Seela Village

Creatures Encountered

IF Wolf, Dire

Treasures Discovered



PC XP Earned Hero Points Earned Level Up?
Coster 1066 1 No
Finn 1066 1 No
Grimsley 1066 1 No
Jankain 1066 1 No
Sendal 1066 1 No
Torrent 1066 1 No


  • Hero Point earned for completion of Act 2.


You are currently resting in Papuvin’s cave in the Seela Village. Tiljann has given you your space, but says she will check in on you later.

Use these comments to come up with a plan for your next actions.

d20Pro Session 12

Torrent will use Cure Moderate Wounds on both Finn and Sendal, healing their wounds completely.

d20Pro Session 12

Codes – Looks like you get to add a Lvl 1 & 2 spell to your list. If I remember correctly did you mention darkness as your lvl 2?

d20Pro Session 12

All – I’m also not sure how many Hero Points everyone has. What do you have listed?

d20Pro Session 12

With the award, Grimsley now has 2 Hero Points

d20Pro Session 12

(on the assumption that the party is alone)
“Well, I for one thing it is time to talk to Indominability about a way to spare the one tree. An alternative avenue is that we may try out the dream seeds that we picked up in the tower and get more information about the why and how of this fire. As we elves do not dream and are immune to the sleep magic of the seeds, someone other than Coster or I will have to do that. oh, and it seems that Jankain may be immune as well. "

And with that, Grimsley leans back and idly scritches Templeton quietly lamenting that he has run out of sweetnuts. “Soon, Templeton we will be back in a proper forest and we can refill my empty pockets again.”

d20Pro Session 12

Finn has 3 hero points now.

There are couple of points I’m confused on and maybe someone can explain them to me. Indomitable offered us his ‘boon’ if we stopped the singing. What exactly is his boon? Is the ability to keep the fire going?

Then the Seela kept saying that if the fire dies, they die as does all the forest. The fire has presumably consumed all the trees, but now the fire is keeping the trees alive? If the fire goes away, then will everything be collapsed down to ash, including the Seela tree?

I think our strategy was to get the Seela to stop singing and use the ‘boon’ to keep the Seela try to keep burning. Does this make sense?

I don’t know if we need to RP this or is someone needs to make a knowledge check.

Maybe I’m just slow, but I’m not following all this.

d20Pro Session 12

Yes. Level 1 is Silent Image which I already added. Level 2 is Darkness which I believe I’ve added to my character sheet, but I’m not intending to prepare it as of yet.

d20Pro Session 12

Also, I think I just have the one Hero Point. I remember starting with one, burning it during the fight with the Bearded Devil, and I don’t think I’ve received any others.

d20Pro Session 12

Hah, I’m not getting my thoughts straight…

I think I actually will prepare an instance of Darkness this night. Web isn’t going to do me any good in the Forest of Fire. Also, we were talking with Indomitable?

d20Pro Session 12

Before Tiljann and Papuvin leave the group for their rest, they offer a brief history of the Forest of Innenotdar… (hopefully this explains things further and I will address Chawk’s points at the end.)

Ancient History

The First Tree of Innenotdar was planted by a gold dragon named Syana and blessed by Gozreh at the forest’s founding. The veil between worlds is thin in Innenotdar, and the willow grew with its wood in both worlds.

The Tree’s first seeds were the seela, fey children of the forest and its caretakers. They are imbued with the radiance of the dragon that planted their mother.

The seela learned the Song of Forms from the rumbling of the earth in caves deep under the forest. Their dragon magic gave the song power to protect and preserve nature.

The Song of Forms awakened Timbre the dryad, born from the subconscious of the forest when it needed protection in bitter winter months.

The Song’s beauty and power drew eladrin from the Feywild. They settled in the verdant glades of the forest and over time became the elves of today.

The Innenotdar elves lived peacefully and became emissaries and diplomats with the seela when other races began trade and travel through the pass.

60 Years Ago

During a Shahalesti assualt, the elf warrior Anyariel came to rest in the dryad Timbre’s glade. Timbre cared for Anyariel and came to love her.

Timbre gave Anyariel a gift—the Living Blade, a branch from the First Tree and a part of herself.

Noticing the gift and jealous of the loss of attention from her friend Timbre, the nymph Gwenvere obsessed over Anyariel, eventually convincing herself it was Anyariel she loved, that Timbre had “stolen” her, and driving herself into jealous rages.

Using the Living Blade, Anyariel led the crusade against the Shahalesti and drove them back.

Anyariel returned to the grove and became a protector-champion to the dryad and the rest of the forest.

43 Years Ago

The trillith Indomitability arrived in Innenotdar. Although seemingly benevolent, it disturbed the balance of nature, causing the seela to notice its presence.

The seela collaborated with Anyariel to defeat Indomitability. They sang the Song of Forms, trapping Indomitability in the body of a stag, and Anyariel engaged it in an epic battle.

Anyariel eventually won out, pinning Indomitability to the lake bed using using the Living Blade, but at the cost of her own life. Indomitability survived, but remains trapped in the pinned body of the stag thanks to the seelas’ continued singing of the Song of Forms.

The Innenotdar elves built an elaborate shrine to Anyariel in the shape of a willow tree after her death.

Timbre received Anyariel’s body, placed it in the heart of stone willow, and gave a lock of her lover’s hair to the shrine.

Grieving obsessively over Anyariel’s death, Gwenvere retreated to the far end of the lake. Her grief twisted her into the form of a hag.

The seela sing the Song of Forms to this day. Indomitability remains trapped, but its power has seeped through the Living Blade and now permeates the forest.

40 Years Ago

Emperor Coaltongue had just conquered Gate Pass, securing a supply line into Shahalesti.

Concerned about attack, Lord Shaaladel offered an alliance with the Innenotdar elves.

Innenotdar’s strategic location between Shahalesti, Ragesia, and Dassen makes it a tempting target, so the elves refused the alliance in order to make themselves seem stronger.

Innenotdar was set aflame and its elves fled to Gate Pass as refugees, eventually making their home in the elven ghetto of Gate Pass.

The forest burns to this day, sustained by the power of the trapped Indomitability.

(Chawk – Its my bad of your lack of understanding. When we played the other night I was certainly winging it, not having a full understanding of this modules complicated plot, and therefore didn’t do a good job of RPing NPCs and giving you the vital information you need to advance forward.

Regarding your point on Indomitability’s boon. No one thought to ask what exactly he was offering and what his boon was. Indomitability did mention though that freeing him would destroy the seela and it can be assumed the forest along with it.

The fire has not consumed all the trees, the trees are fully intact and provide the fuel for the fire. It’s Indomitability’s Essence that keeps the trees from completely burning up. Because the seela are the first seeds from the First Tree, they are as much a part of the forest as the trees, and its entire ecosystem. In meta-game terms, they obviously have a close symbiotic relationship with the forest, thus if the forest die the seela die also.

I’m glad you asked Chawk.)

d20Pro Session 12

During your rest in the cave you have heard the Song of Forms in it’s entirety several times. A group of Seela, anywhere to three to five, stand atop the watch tower on the shore of the lake in the village and sing the song, their voices carrying across the lake and echoing back like a chorus of dozens.

d20Pro Session 12

(Thanks Strokes! That helped a lot. I still had a question of two, but maybe the answers will come out in RPing.)

Finn thanks his host for the bit of history and asks why Indomitability came to the forest and what he did before he got trapped. Why was it necessary to defeat him?

d20Pro Session 12

(again, when the party is alone)
“ahh, that lock of hair must be what was in the glass case in the shrine. I wonder what happened to it and who would have stolen it”

then to Templeton: “I bet there was some clue about that in the journal that troubled priest left behind… hmmmm”

d20Pro Session 12

After listening to Papuvan’s oral history, Jankain is still puzzled about how they can help. When the party is alone, Jankain says, “I am going out amongst the Seela and share some music. Perhaps someone can offer a solution.” After resting, Jankain dons the necklace and exits the cave. She looks for Tiljann but if she cannot be found, Jankain will just start playing her lyre in the middle of the village.

d20Pro Session 12

The song she sings seems to be a common hero song except for a couple of verses that go like this:

Oh, I stand watchin’, oh I stand waitin’
and as the river of freedom runs through this land
We’ll be there to lend a hand

I listened to the words of those who will not change
as the the fires continue to burn the heart of the land

But here’s where a quiet man with truth in his hand
can be heard and be understood

Oh, I stand watchin’, oh I stand waitin’
as the river of freedom runs through this land
We’ll be there to lend a hand

Then she continues the ballad with the more familiar words.

d20Pro Session 12

Before the party rests, Tiljann tries to answers some of Grimsley’s questions…

Timbre is alive still living in the oldest tree in the forest. The blade Anyariel wielded was cut from that tree. Timbre isn’t certain how it would work, but there’s a chance that the sword might hold a way for the seela to survive, even if the whole forest burned down. To find out how that might be accomplished, however, the heroes would need to talk to Timbre, and her grove is inaccessible. The agonized dryad wants no visitors, and fiery beasts and walls of flame block all approach to her tree, the first tree.

Gwenvere lives on the opposite side of the lake. The nymph-turned-hag might know a way to speak with Timbre.

Tiljann doesn’t know why the fire spirit can’t be killed or driven off (A knowledge (dungeoneering) check might reveal more information on Trilliths).

The goblins that set fire to the forest were from the razortooth tribe. Tiljann is not sure of their motivations. She also doesn’t know anything about the Shahalesti soldier back at Anyarial’s shrine.

Tiljann then excuses herself allowing the party to get some rest

8 hours later… Tiljann finds Jankain playing her lyre and compliments her on the ballad. She then offers to teach Jankain the Song of Forms.

d20Pro Session 12

Though she wanted to talk to other Seela, Jankain cannot resist Tiljann’s offer. Surely there was time enough to learn a new song. “But before we begin, Tiljann, can you tell me if there is way across the lake? Is there a boat available?”

d20Pro Session 12

Knowledge (dungeoneer) (1d20 + 9): 17 + 9 = 26

d20Pro Session 12

Tiljann answers Jankain’s question, "We have boats, however many merrow inhabit the lake. A safer way is to just hike the shoreline. Jankain spends the next two hours learning the song.

Grimsley’s dungeoneering check reveals that Trilliths are a race of dream-spawned aberrations who lack bodies of their own. Every trillith has a visual appearance that is unique to it, based on its nature. The trilliths stats and abilities match this form, but normally a trillith is incorporeal, so it cannot easily affect the material world. However, a trillith can create a body for itself it it has appropriate material, and some magic can turn a trillth corporeal.

When viewed through a true seeing, a trillith is revealed to be something like a wispy, sinous dragon with no wings. However, a trillith normally appears as some sort of monsrous creature, though it can disguise itself in a humanoid form. In all its forms, a trillith’s appearance is still determined by its nature.

d20Pro Session 12

Finn says “Let’s go back to the cave for a bit and I’ll try one of them dream seeds. Maybe it will help us understand what can be done her so no one comes up the loser in this deal.”

d20Pro Session 12

Digi will spend the time that Finn is dreaming to use read magic on the previously captured spell books and then make spellcraft checks for copying them to his own book and finally time permitting copy them to his own book. (actual checks etc in the forum if that is ok)

d20Pro Session 12

Jankain asks Tiljann, “Is it necessary for more than one person to sing the Song of Forms to keep Indomitability trapped in the lake? And is the magic within the song or within the Seela?”

d20Pro Session 12

Tiljann answers Jankain “We have always sang together, for it is the way it has always been.” And then she adds in a polite manner, “You play your lyre beautifully, but your voice needs work. To truly sing the Song of Forms you must hone your vocal skills.”

(It has taken Jankain 2 hours to learn the Song of Forms and its game mechanics can be found here.)

d20Pro Session 12
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