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d20Pro Session 11

PbP Date: 6/18/2011
d20Pro Session Date: 8/13/2011
Adventure Date: 7th day of Frostmere (1st month)
Players in Attendance: Ampherion, Crrazyhawk, Desertgypsy, & Digi

Summary of Events

2-4 The Shrine of Anyariel (342 xp ea)

The PCs climb the hill which dominates the center of the village in search of the Shrine of Anyarial. They are attacked by Indomitable Fire Ghasts.

2-5 Under the Shrine (228 xp ea.)

The PCs convince the guardian ghaele that they have honorable intent and are allowed access into the shrine. Within the shrine the PCs discover what they believe is the body of the priest Bhurisrava. They also discover a Shahalesti soldier dressed in a uniform of years past. The soldier is still alive and looks to be in some sort of temporal stasis. The shrine looks looted, a glass case shattered and its contents gone.

2-7 Against the Flow (342 xp ea.)

The PCs decide to travel down the White River in search of the lake and the fey who hold Indomitability captive. They face and conquer the Hazards of the river as they navigate 7 miles down river.

2-8 Fiery Howl (228 xp ea.)

Upon reaching the lake, the heroes battle with a pair of Hell Hounds.

NPCs Encountered

Guardian of the Shrine

Locations Visited

Ruined Elven Village, The Shrine of Anyariel, The White River

Creatures Encountered

Indomitable Fire Ghast
Hell Hound
Cinder Cloud (Hazard)

Treasures Discovered

Warhammer + 1


PC XP Earned Hero Points Earned Level Up?
Coster 1148 0 Yes
Finn 1148 0 Yes
Grimsley 1148 0 Yes
Jankain 1148 0 Yes
Sendal 1148 0 Yes
Torrent 1148 0 Yes


  • Codes was unable to attend the game.
  • Introduced new game mechanic “Skill Encounters.”


Although that Warhammer + 1 is medium sized, Finn could use it two handed with a + 5 to his attack roll and doing 1d8 + 4 damage. Although the little guy won’t be able to use his shield, might be a good backup weapon vs. undead types. Just a thought :)

d20Pro Session 11

With Finn’s level up and his increase to BAB, he’ll have a + 6 Melee attack with the Warhammer.

d20Pro Session 11

Lets take care of the party’s short rest here (any healing etc). Once I see lvl 4 PCs I’ll introduce the next scene.

d20Pro Session 11

That sounds good about the + 1 war hammer. Finn will take that.

Actually I think he would have + 9 since he gets a + 1 to hit due to being small. The to hit would be, I think, + 4(BAB) + 3(Str since using 2 hands) + 1(size) + 1 (enhancement) = 9.

d20Pro Session 11

The two handed str bonus only applies to weapon damage I believe.

d20Pro Session 11

and your forgetting the – 2 penalty because the weapon is one size category larger than Finn

d20Pro Session 11

I will change some of the spells on Grim. will update him later tonight. only changing out a lvl 0 is all Ray of Frost in exchange for Spark. will also need an extended time sometime soon to re-attempt the understanding and copying of the spells in the captured spellbooks and the scribing of some scrolls. am hoping that sometime soon, the party will have a couple days so Grims can get that done.

d20Pro Session 11

Oh yeah. That’s why your the GM:)

d20Pro Session 11

Torrent holds her hand to the sky, allowing the etched wooden wave tied to her wrist to dangle freely, and she calls forth the healing light, washing the party in a warm glow.
Channel Positive Energy – Healing
(2d6): 7 healing

(Note that should bring Borris to full HPs. Finn should have 40/43. When this next encounter starts, all your 4th level powers should be available. HPs will have to be healed, and new spells will be gained after a rest.

I’ll try to introduce the next scene tomorrow morning.)

d20Pro Session 11

I will do my very best to attend this saturday, but its finals for me for the worst class I have ever taken. Its very, VERY likely I will put this off until the last possible minute.

d20Pro Session 11
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