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d20Pro Session 10

PbP Date: 6/11/2011
d20Pro Session Date: 7/16/2011
Adventure Date: 7th day of Frostmere (1st month)
Players in Attendance: Crrazyhawk, Desertgypsy, Digi

Summary of Events

1-5 Infernal Harrier (342 xp ea)

After refusing Kazyk’s offer, the bearded devil summons his minions and attacks. Kazyk is struck down as he tries to teleport away to safety, leaving his lemure minions, which are dealt with swiftly by the party.

1-6 Trial by Fire (533 xp ea.)

Six miles down the Elf Road, the heroes spot what looks like a stone bridge around a bend in the river. The Forest comes alive as the fire forest’s spirit, named Indomitability, tests the heroes. Fighting in a 150 ft. long corridor on the Elf Road, flaming trees careen inward, creating a fiery snag which blocks the path ahead. A moving wall of fire materializes behind the party, causing them to have to move forward or risk becoming engulfed in the flames. Fire elementals in the form of fiery stags are summoned by Indomitability, and charge the party, goring with their flaming antlers. Crystin shows signs of either breaking her father’s enchantment or of overcoming her fear of battle. She fights, slinging magic missiles at the elementals. The heroes take a beating, though none fall.

Having proving themselves worthy, Indomitability offers his boon in return for setting him free. The forest’s spirit requests that the party “end the song of the deep, the song of agony and eternal vigil. Silence the forty tongues who hold me here, who doom themselves with my relentless flame.”

The party splits on what to do. Torrent seems confused, believing the challenges of the forest are a test of faith sent forth from her deity Gozreh. She says she needs time to pray and reflect on events pass. Digi wants to take Indomitability’s boon, however the elven wizard wishes to strike a bargain with the forest spirit – In return for setting it free, Digi asks Indomitability to prevent the Ragesians from using the Elf Road to gain easier access into Dassen. Coster wants Indomitability’s boon also, even if the party later decides not to set the spirit free. The honorable Finn believes they should be straight forward with their true intent, whatever that may be. Finn argues that they can escape the forest without its boon, and questions Indomitablity’s true intent.

The party decides to try to negotiate with Jankain as their spoke person. Indomitability refuses to negotiate, and threatens the party by turning them into ash and embers, telling them they shall regret their choice.


Indomitability retreats and the fires recess, allowing the heroes safe passage across the bridge. The heroes bypass the fort, cross the bridge, and find a safe place to rest within the ruined elven village.

2-1 Fort Entrance (685 xp ea.)

The heroes come back to the fort on the bridge. Bypassing two traps, the party gains access and searches the well intact tower. On the second floor the party discovers a holy symbol of Desna and a journal written by a priest named Bhurisrava. The journal covers Bhurisrava’s last few weeks in the tower mixed with musings on the nature of faith. Apparently, the priest underwent a conflict of faith as he faced death, and that he wished to convert to a healing faith before he died, but did not know how. He also recounts tales of many refugees who spoke of fires that simply would not go out.

The final passage of the journal reads…
I tire of spending my days rescuing the burning bodies of survivors and tending to them to no effect. The last survivor I found was a woman who still believed that the Living Wood of Innenotdar could not be abandoned. She asked my help looking for her boyfriend. We found him in a hidden basement under the Shrine of Anyariel, where he had gone to curse the Anyariel name, along with a dozen other of the townsfolk. The fire had somehow burned in from the roots of the shrine, and they had long since been claimed. Though not dead, they are despairing, and their curses haunt me. The woman saw her beloved and fled me into the woods, seeking an impossible death.
I found myself hoping something ate her. I never learned her name.
I can do this no longer. To whatever god hears the prayers of the doubting, please give me the strength for the task ahead of me. I am going to deliver the despairing to the mouth of the White River upstream, where at least they can have some reprieve from the fire. May someone find what I have hidden. It would help bring to justice those responsible for the destruction of my beautiful homeland, for which otherwise none shall shed tears.

Knowledge checks reveal that Anyariel was a hero of Innenotdar, a holy warrior who died only a few years before the forest caught fire, She was said to be friend of the forest’s fey, was blessed by the forest itself, and had many times fought darkness from Innenotdar’s borders, wielding a magic sword. The sword was a great sword carved of wood, which she used to defeat many monsters, including a blackguard from Ragesia, and a rampaging golem of white clay. The last foe she faced was a great stag that would not die, no matter how many wounds she dealt to it, so she pinned the creature to the bottom of the lake with her sword, so its rampage would end.

2-2 Dream Seeds (not completed-no xp award)

The heroes discover a paper pouch full of mysterious seeds. The paper pouch is labeled “For Later Study” in elvish. The small paper pouch contains seven small, blackened seeds shaped like claws. A sleeping face is drawn on the pouch and written in goblin are instructions: “Take one for visions of the firemaker. Do not take more. These are poison.”

Bhurisrava’s notes call these “dream seeds,” explaining they were taken from the corpses of goblins who had helped set the fires. According to a speak with dead spell, the seeds are supposed to create prophetic visions of a “dream realm,” but Bhurisrava felt no effect when he tried one.

Knowledge checks reveal that some intellectual circles believe there is another plane of existence called the Dream Plane. These seeds may provide the user the means to travel to the plane. The seeds are a mild injested poison which causes sleep.

The party filed the seeds away, perhaps for later study.

2-3 Searching the Ruins (not completed-no xp award)

The heroes spend three hours searching the village, discovering a few items of value, a necklace of ivory leaves which gives the wearer the abilty to understand and speak Sylvan but can understand and speak no other language. A masterwork musical horn and lyre. And also a song book containing pslams.

The party decide to head to the top of the hill which dominates the center of the village, in hopes of finding the Shrine of Anyarial.

Memorable Events

Finn’s rebuttle and compelling reasoning for not accepting Indomitability’s boon, all while in character… very entertaining!

NPCs Encountered

Kazyk, Bearded Devil

Locations Visited

Elf Road, Bridge Tower, Ruined Elven Village

Creatures Encountered

Devil, Lemure
Elemental, Fire, Med (Flaming Stag)

Treasures Discovered

Two masterwork composite shortbows (Str + 1), two MW crossbows, light, 200 hundred bolts, two hundred arrows, two MW scimitars (one small sized), two MW daggers, and two MW chainshirts. A necklace of ivory leaves which gives the wearer the ability to understand and speak Sylvan but can understand and speak no other language. A masterwork musical horn and lyre. Also a song book containing pslams.


PC XP Earned Hero Points Earned Level Up?
Coster 1560 1 No
Finn 1560 2 No
Grimsley 1560 1 No
Jankain 1560 1 No
Sendal 1560 1 No
Torrent 1560 1 No


  • Both Amp and Codes were no shows. I believe Amp is on vacation. Not sure what happened to Codes.
  • 1st Hero Point was awarded in game for completing the Act 1 Story Arc. Finn was awarded a 2nd Hero Point for what was in my opinion exceptional RP during Scene 1-6 Trial by Fire.


How are you approaching the shrine, how are you armed, if at all, and where do you go first?

d20Pro Session 10

(Thanks for the extra hero point! Glad you enjoyed that bit of theater.)

Finn perishes the thought of going anywhere in the these woods unarmed. Then he considers that we are going to a shrine, with dead people and having caught something about a cursing from those bookish types, stows his trusty lance and gets out his war hammer and approaches the shrine on the point of the spear.

d20Pro Session 10

Grims will load his crossbow, the stow it at the ready to draw and shoot should need arise while keeping both hands free for casting.

d20Pro Session 10

Coster will load and stow his crossbow, but wield his rapier as he approaches the shrine. He will approach after Finn watching his flanks.

d20Pro Session 10

Jankain with her lyre ever ready, grabs her rapier. “Ready!”

d20Pro Session 10
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